Changing Circumstances can Warrant Post-Judgment Modification

It is not for nothing that they say change is the only constant.

In divorce cases, change can arise quite unpredictably, warranting a change in the judgment that had been pronounced by the courts.

The only prerequisite is that the change be of substantial nature which actually merits a change in the judgment. Instances would include a disability or diagnosis of an illness that occurs after the judgment; change in financial circumstances; an act of God or nature that requires urgent attention; and any change in the circumstances of a parent such an addiction or incarceration.

There can of course be a number of other factors and each time the guiding light would be a modification in the judgment that had been pronounced.

Experienced Attorneys can make a World of Difference

Canor Pato and the experienced team at CP Law Firm have all the experience in the world required to bring about a successful change in judgment – along lines that you are hoping for.

Here we closely discuss cases with clients so that their requirements are understood very clearly. After that, we go all out to ensure that judgments are modified in favor of clients. Of course, the requirement for a change in circumstances of substantial nature is sacrosanct for such cases to succeed in courts so do keep that in mind and look for post-judgment modification only when that is true.

Accordingly, we always encourage clients to contact us without hesitation for changes in judgment that they are hoping for; we can then take up your case in courts with finesse.

Parental Responsibility and Spousal Support / Child Custody Cases

All too often, post-judgment modification is mandated due to dynamic situations arising with regard to parental responsibility and spousal support or child custody related issues.

For instance, since there is a change in income (what if the parent with child custody lost his or her job and can no longer adequately provide for the child as opposed to the other parent?), a change in judgment is not only advised but perhaps mandated.

This is especially true given the way various costs surrounding upbringing of children have raised incrementally in recent times; when it may have seemed much easier to take care of a wide range of costs in the past, it is no longer as simple now.

Also, keep in mind that children grow with time, with their requirements also changing rapidly. For instance, as the child grows, there might be a need to provide for partial or complete tuition fees – something which the parent in question may not be able to provide, that in turn warrants a change in judgment.

At the end of the day, there can be so many different reasons for which a change in judgment is sought. Accordingly, we encourage you to call CP Law Firm on 786-369-8863 and discuss your case with us; we can then work out the best way forward for you!