Marital Asset Protection in Miami

CP Law Firm strives hard to ensure that there is as much fairness as possible in the entire property settlement that takes place post happenstances like divorces. This is in line with the laws that govern the state of Florida where focus is not merely on equitable distribution of assets but rather on the basis of fairness – one which is fair to the parties concerned.

In this regard, hidden assets often end up becoming a major bone of contention – one party may intentionally choose to hide assets from the other. This of course takes place in a wide variety of possible ways – showing employees (and thus their expenses) which actually do not exist; showing debts which are nowhere there in reality, and so on. In essence parties resort to various unfair means, not only to hide assets from one another but also from the courts so that the latter does not include these assets while determining fairness for asset division.

It is unfair and illegal to do so

This is in spite of the fact that attempts at hiding assets are both unfair as well as illegal; if you rightfully own assets which should ideally be included in the whole asset division process, then you must not try to hide them…any attempts at doing so are deemed both illegal and unfair which can carry penalties of their own.

CP Law Firm goes all out to assist you

It is in this regard that CP Law Firm goes all out to assist you in every way possible to ensure that there is no attempt made at hiding assets – assets which you know should be part of the property division process.

For this, we even go to the extent of hiring private investigators and forensic experts whose expertise may prove handy when trying to identify hidden assets.

In any case, in most instances where “facts” – as stated in the courts or in the documents filed along with the case, seem completely contradictory to reality, there is ample probable cause to investigate the possibility of attempts being made to hide assets away. And where there is such probable cause, we go all out to get to the bottom of the truth.

Ultimately, our endeavor is really simple – to ensure that our clients get the fair treatment that they expect, that they well and truly deserve. Any attempt at hiding assets is effectively an attempt at evading justice, something which we cannot allow to happen under our own precincts under any circumstances whatsoever.

So if you feel there is ample probable cause to suspect any attempts at hiding assets away, feel free to contact us on 786-369-8863 without hesitation. Remember that we will do everything we can within our means; within legal realms, to ensure that there is no compromise with you as far as asset division or distribution is concerned.

After all, when the law mandates fairness, no party has a right to resort to unfairness.