Family law takes on so many different dimensions and CP Law Firm is fully geared up to ensure that when it comes to family law requirements, they are met with finesse.

Looking at some of the broad realms of family law, they include:

  • Divorce cases where the aim is dissolution or annulment of marriages
  • Domestic violence cases
  • Disputes over child support
  • Division of property
  • Infidelity in relationships
  • Paternity confirmation
  • Time sharing between parents / visitation rights for their children

As you can see, there are so many different realms that come within the purview of family law and our Family law attorneys at CP Law Firm are fully prepared to assist you on all such cases.

In any case, from the very outset, family law and its nuances have been our core specialization whereby our Miami family law attorneys have already handled 100s of such cases over the years. This gives us an edge in terms of the kind of experience that we have had – which prepares us for more such cases in the future.

Moreover, being based in Miami, we have a core understanding of the kind of family law issues that come up in the area. Otherwise, legal professionals outside of the region often don’t quite have a good grasp on regional dynamics. At CP Law Firm we are proud to say that if you have any family law related legal wrangles that you would like to have handled, we can help you on that with finesse, across Miami and South Florida.

At the very core of our family law services are the consultations that we offer, which can run from an hour to even several hours. These consultations are very important since they help us gain a deep understanding of the kind of legal issues you might be facing. We can then formulate the best way forward to assist you.

Also, it would be pertinent to mention at this stage that Attorney Canor Pato – at the helm of affairs at CP Law Firm, is very well versed with the Spanish language, so whether you seek interactions in English or are far more comfortable in Spanish, you can have your consultations with ease.

On the whole, we understand perfectly that many family law issues can get quite overbearing:

  • Divorce cases bring on a lot of hardship to all couples going through them. Children in particular often have to suffer through such cases, invariably for no fault of theirs.
  • Custody battles for children very often turn into bitter feuds which tend to drag on for long, with both parties involved not giving in too easily.
  • Division of property can end up tearing apart entire families.
  • The consequences of domestic violence are often long term and can be particularly very painful to bear.

Yet, rest assured, with CP Law Firm by your side, you can seek solace in the fact that you don’t just have a legal professional by your side but in fact a friend, a partner, who will guide and assist you all along the way.

Moreover, our primary motive is not the legal fees that we will get out of you but a genuine desire to help you in every way that we can.

When this is the case, things invariably fall into place.

So without hesitation – whatever the family law issues you are facing feel free to call our family law lawyers at CP Law Firm on 786-369-8863 for a FREE consultation.