CP Law Firm has been operating in the Miami area since 2008. In this period, it has already served hundreds of clients with impeccable legal services that have fulfilled their requirements flawlessly.

Personal injury and family law requirements form the focus areas of CP Law Firm. At the same time, the firm is just as adept at handling legal cases of any other nature, including general ones. That is the reason no matter what your particular legal requirement; feel free to contact CP Law Firm without hesitation.

Location is a huge advantage

In the case of CP Law Firm a very big advantage is its location, mere steps from Miami-Dade County Courthouse. This is a big advantage since justice for you is delivered within no distance from our own location. Moreover, it also means that there is little time spent commuting back and forth from our offices to the courthouse, an otherwise unavoidable requirement over the course of legal wrangling.

Qualified, competent and proficient attorney

Any law firm can only be as good as the attorneys in charge of it and in the case of CP Law Firm there is never a concern on this front at all.

After all, at the helm of affairs is Mr. Canor Pato who has had the distinction of being a member of the Florida Bar since 2004. Along the way he received his undergraduate degree in Legal Studies at the University of Central Florida in 2001, and his Juris Doctorate at The Shepard Broad Law Center at Nova Southeastern University in 2004.

Upon completion of his legal studies, Mr. Pato has focused his efforts on legal cases in the realms of personal injury, family law, and insurance claims. At the same time, as already mentioned, he is just as proficient in handling legal cases of just about any nature.

Spanish fluency – serving the Hispanic community in particular

Miami and its surroundings are well known for their large, Hispanic, Spanish speaking population. CP Law Firm is fully geared up to serve them, with Mr. Pato himself being very much a part of the same community.

In that regard, not only is he himself fluent in Spanish, he is well entrenched with the nuances of the community – their needs, their expectations, the kind of legal assistance they most often need, and so on.

So if you are a member of the Hispanic community of Miami, you can be assured of top-notch, personalized legal services, without any linguistic or cultural barriers along the way.

Of course, as we have already reiterated, we serve all members of the community with equal acumen so no matter what your background, feel free to contact us for your legal needs.

Free consultation

There is no cost attached to consulting us at the initial stage. Herein the idea is to understand your legal predicament whereby we can then amicably work towards a legal resolution.

So feel free to contact us on 786-369-8863 for your FREE legal evaluation.